numerous public and high price of the works

Algeria_ The 23rd International Book Fair of Algiers (SILA), which ends on Saturday night, will have experienced as every year a large influx of the public, even though the prices of the proposed works were significantly higher compared at previous editions of the salon.

The booths hosting some thousand publishers between Algerians and foreigners will have experienced a large influx of the public, interested in specialized books, especially the technical book, despite the prices displayed. A significant number of books, imported or published in Algeria, have seen their prices considerably increased, up to 70% for some old publications exposed again this year, it was found.

As usual, the autumn holidays have allowed a large number of students to visit the show or take part in excursions organized by schools and associations of cities in the interior of Algeria .

Visitors to the fair were also relatively numerous this year to attend the various thematic meetings organized on the sidelines of the SILA exhibition, such as the meeting hosted by the Chinese writer Mo Yan, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012, that of the academic Ahmed Djebbar or the conference led by Khaled Bentounes, a Sufi dignitary

China, a guest of honor at this year's edition, took part in the fair with a delegation of 150 men of letters and culture, including the Nobel Prize for Literature who was awarded the Medal of the Order on this occasion. of national merit "Athir", awarded by the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The program of platforms dedicated to foreign writers, was shunned by visitors who preferred the signing sessions, an opportunity for many readers to meet their authors. So there was a crowd among the publishers of Waciny Laredj, Amine Zaoui, Kamel Daoud and Yasmina Khadra, as in the stands of houses that bet on younger feathers.

Foreign publishers specializing in Anglo-Saxon literature and the foreign technical book have, as every year, filled the visitors of this 23rd SILA.

The 2018 SILA also seems to have been stimulated by a notable editorial dynamic that has resulted in a large number of new literary publications, the first writing experiences for the most part, published for the occasion and which will be necessary confirm the quality.

The exhibition also gave space to various institutions of the Culture sector, such as the Algerian National Theater, the National Office of Copyright and Neighboring Rights (ONDA), scientific researches of the ministry which were limited to exposing their publications.

This SILA also experienced some hiccups: inadequacies in the signage of the stands, closing times of the press center, and irregularity in the distribution of the daily gazette of the show.

Random promotion

Journalists specialized and observers of the show confide to know only "twenty or so regular publishers" Algerians out of the 271 participants.

According to them, the majority of publishing houses remain "unknown to the national press", while the few regular publishers are, for the most part, seriously delayed in promoting their novelties, usually printed "a few days before appointment. "

Source: APS

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