ongoing recovery of the National Training Institute at Guelma

At a plenary session of the National People's Congress (NPC) devoted to oral questions, the minister said that "the structure of the former Institute of Technology Education made available to the services of the Ministry of Guelma wilaya since 2001 and serves as a university residence housing about 750 female students ".

The Minister explained that she had asked to recover the said institute during a working session bringing together the services of the two sectors in March 2018, after which it was decided to conduct a joint visit on the field by representatives of both sectors to inquire about the functioning of this structure. A visit last May, she said.

The said establishment is functional and can be recovered as far as the services of higher education in this wilaya have a sufficient capacity of reception in the short and medium term, in particular after reception of the new university campus of 3000 beds, "she added.

On this occasion, the first person in charge of the education sector recalled that "training is one of the essential components in the reform of the education system, which makes it possible to acquire more professionalism", thus indicating that "The training is done even remotely via the digital training platform."

In this context, Mrs. Benghabrit indicated that her department had developed a three-year strategic training plan aimed at developing both the professional skills and the skills of the employees of the sector, enabling them to exercise their functions with greater efficiency and professionalism. The strategic plan encompasses 53 topics divided into two categories, namely, pedagogical redesign and governance, "she said.

"The Education sector rigorously applies to open at least one institute in each wilaya," said Ms. Benghabrit, indicating that her sector has been working to recover the institutes previously made available to other ministerial departments, to reach 28 institutes for the 2018/2019 academic year.

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