Oran: Was the Salsabil rapist and murderer killed in prison?

Algeria – The news had been posted on Facebook by a blogger from Oran wilaya and was later widely used by websites.

The rapist and murderer of the small Salsabil in Oran was he killed in prison? Many are netizens to rejoice at this rumor, they who support the application of the death penalty against this kind of villainous murder.

Contacted by us, a source in the prison administration states that the perpetrator of the murder of little Salsabil is still alive and has not been assaulted.

According to our information, this is a sick prisoner transferred from the El-Bayadh prison to Oran hospital, who died in the same hospital.

This fake new was launched this Monday morning by the journalist Said Boudour, co-founder member of the Algerian syndicate of publishers of the electronic press (SAEPE).

شارك هاذا المقال !

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