Ould Abbes: Bouteflika Needs No Election Campaign or Complacency

Algeria – The President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, does not need an electoral campaign, nor of complaisance, to be reelected for a fifth term. This is affirmed by the Secretary General of the FLN party, Djamel Ould Abbes.

Questioned on the sidelines of a co-animated press conference with TAJ President Amar Ghoul, the SG of the former single party states that "the President does not need an election campaign, it is the people who claim it. "

Regarding the offensive led by the parties supporting a fifth presidential term of Bouteflika, Djamel Ould Abbes ensures that the President "does not need complacency". "It is the will of the people […] the FLN does not have the monopoly of the president. He is the President of all Algerians. "

However, if he says that the FLN does not hold a monopoly, Ould Abbes assures that his party "will not let people play with the future of the country."

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