Ould Abbes sets sail for the Senatoriales, keeps an eye on the Presidentials

The FLN Secretary General, Ould Abbès, is currently chairing a meeting with the party's elected representatives in the capital, with a view to the next Senate meetings.

"The Senatoriales will serve to prepare the Presidential" a, thus, said Ould Abbes. The Old Party's SG claimed that "all activists are free to introduce themselves". "The time of the designations is finished," he said, moreover, in his speech.

"Only the FLN has survived with the Bouteflika ANC", also recalled the former Minister of Health. "Where is the Baath party in Iraq, in Syria, the Wafd in Egypt," he asked. He reiterated the importance of the next deadline. In this sense he appealed to the audience: "The Senate is the second institution of the state."

شارك هاذا المقال !

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