Ouyahia Authorizes the Opening of High Schools and Classrooms for the Gifted

Algeria – Long awaited and so much demanded, special classes for gifted students are now allowed in Algerian high schools.

By Executive Decree No. 18-196 signed by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia on July 22 and published in the Official Gazette No. 45, the status of the special high school and special classes was fixed.

Placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Education, the "special high school" is created by decree on proposal of the minister of tutelage. "For the purposes of this Decree," special high school "means a public educational and teaching establishment providing general and technological secondary education for pupils with special talents and obtaining exceptionally convincing results." Article 5 of this Decree.

"Special classes are opened, as needed, in high schools, to take care of the specific needs of pupils with particular talents and obtaining exceptionally convincing results.", States Article 6.

These special classes are, moreover, opened by order of the Minister in charge of National Education.

An overcrowded special high school

The special high school will enjoy important educational facilities. Thus, in addition to the educational and administrative infrastructures, sports facilities and educational spaces, the special high school will also have "foreign language laboratories, educational research areas, a documentation and specialized information center and individual rooms for children. the boarding school ".

"the special high school is endowed with technical-educational equipment and appropriate didactic means according to a nomenclature fixed by decree of the minister in charge of the national education", stipulates Article 9 of this Decree.

Access to High School or Special Classes

They may be admitted in high schools or special classes, "students admitted in the first year of secondary school, having obtained convincing results in a discipline or specialty according to the assessments made on the assessment document and educational follow-up of the pupil established by the establishment of origin. "

"The selection of students for access to the special high school and special classes is ensured by an appraisal commission set up for this purpose. It is done according to eligibility criteria and pre-established skills. ", States Article 18.

In addition, the teachers of the special high school and the special classes are sewn among the "Associate Professors, Secondary School Teachers and Senior Teachers of Secondary Education".

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