Ouyahia repeals the Decree on Parks of Administrative Vehicles

Algeria – Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia repealed Executive Decree No. 10-115 of April 18, 2010, relating to "parks for administrative vehicles allocated to State services, local authorities, public administrative establishments and to public institutions and bodies totally financed by the state budget.

By Executive Decree No. 18-194, signed by Ahmed Ouyahia on July 22, 2018 and published in the Official Gazette No. 45, Executive Decree No. 10-115 was repealed.

This abrogated executive decree was signed in 2010 by Ahmed Ouyahia and it related to the management of the state vehicles parks and conditions relating to the acquisition of the different types of vehicles necessary for the operation of each department.

These administrative vehicle fleets consisted of official vehicles, service vehicles attached to them, service vehicles and service vehicles. the official vehicles are, for example, vehicles placed at the exclusive disposal of each member of the Government, while the vehicles of functions, divided into four categories, were made available to various officials of the State or elected.

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