Partial Renewal of the Senate on December 29

Algeria-The elections for the renewal of the members of the Council of the Nation will take place on December 29th. The decision was announced in a presidential decree announcing the convening of the Electoral Corps.

This is the local and national elected representatives, who constitute the "second college" election to be elected among candidates from their ranks of new members of the Council of the nation, one elected by Wilaya.

In principle, the Council of the Nation has 96 elected members, from wilaya of the country. Half is renewed every 3 years. The other third of the members of the Senate are composed of personalities appointed by the President of the Republic.

In the last election for the partial renewal of the members of the upper chamber of the Algerian Parliament took place on December 29, 2015. It was marked by the victory of the party of the National Liberation Front (FLN) which won 23 seats, followed by the National Democratic Rally (RND) with 18 seats, the Independents with 4 seats, the Front of the Socialist Forces (FFS) with 2 seats and Fadjr El Jadid with a seat.

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