Pilgrims cheated by a Chadian: the travel agency, a double scam?

Algeria – It's the scam of summer. A Chadian "diplomat" swindled as many as 224 Algerians who were preparing to perform the Hajj, promising them, through a travel agency based in Ghardaia, a trip to the Holy Places of Islam.

The alleged crook, currently in detention in N'Djamena, Chad, reportedly proposed to the travel agency "Madna Tours" based in Ghardaia to offer him the Hajj quota for Chadian nationals residing in Algeria, under pretext that they would not have the means.

So, the travel agency had to find 224 potential pilgrims, something that was not difficult to do, given the high demand. These 224 people were sent by this agency like sheep to a slaughterhouse.

If the involvement of this Chadian "diplomat", who is in fact only the representative of his community in Algeria, is proven, what should be thought of the role of the travel agency? According to our information, the latter acted without any authorization.

In fact, last December, the authorities selected 44 travel agencies to oversee the Hajj-2018 operation and "Madna Tours" is not included. It is understandable that this agency tried to send pilgrims to the Holy Places without any authorization.

Did this travel agent participate in the scam? We know at least that it was the Director of the latter who seized, on July 25, the Embassy of Chad in Algeria to denounce the "diplomat" in question.

In his letter, of which ALG24 holds a copy, he mentions the sum of 58 million dinars transferred to this "diplomat", however, the accused was arrested in a Chadian airport with only 13 million! Is it a double scam?

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