Politics: The MSP says it is "concerned" by the presidential elections

Algeria – Despite continuing political consultations with other groups, the MSP is moving towards participation in the 2019 presidential election.

In a statement that sanctioned the work of its political bureau, the Islamist party said it is "interested" in the presidential election "in any way." The political party will give more details at a meeting of its executives to be held next Friday in Algiers, the document said.

Regarding his initiative for a "national consensus", the political party maintains that it is still "topical". The MSP considers that the return of diseases such as cholera, "the degradation of health services and education", as well as the country's decline in areas such as technology and industry is the result of "mismanagement And practices such as "regionalism and favoritism". "Algeria needs more solutions of crisis exit and not of struggle for the power", still specifies the MSP which will hold a press conference very soon to make public the conclusions of its consultations with the political class.

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