Presidential 2019: Bedoui's coded message to the opposition

Algeria – The Minister of the Interior and Local Authorities, Noureddine Bedoui, implicitly responded to a part of the opposition that "wants to attack the stability and security" of the country.

In a statement made on the sidelines of a meeting with the executives of his sector, Noureddine Bedoui states that "the State will not tolerate those who want to attack its stability and its security and will strike with an iron fist" .

In the same statement, the "super-minister" of the Ouyahia government attacks those who try to take advantage of the citizen on the eve of each electoral meeting. "The Algerian citizen does not have to prove his love for his country and his total and unconditional support for the security and stability of his country, surrounding himself with his army."

However implicit, this message can be interpreted as a response to the opposition in general and to Abderrazak Makri, president of the MSP, in particular, since the latter is leading an initiative for a military-led democratic transition. .

🔴هاموزير الداخلية و الجماعات المحلية و التهيئة العمرانية يصرح: 👈 "مجهودات جبارة لتصل التنمية كل شبر من وطننا …

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