Prison required of alleged kidnappers of an Algerian

Algeria – He was kidnapped and abused for ten days. The Brussels prosecutor's office this Friday ordered prison terms ranging from four to six years against six people. The latter are suspected of taking hostage, sequestered, tortured and extorted money from an Algerian.

According to the site Sudinfo, the facts took place in an apartment in the municipality of Jette, located in the suburbs of Brussels, between February 21 and March 3, 2018. In addition to the kidnapping of the victim, threats were made against his family established in Algeria

»The victim was sequestered and beaten. He was extorted money and his family in Algeria was threatened. When she was admitted to the hospital, she had fractures of the nose, jaw … In fact, she had practically no single bone broken in the face, "said the prosecutor cited by the same source.

At the origin of this act, a debt that amounts to thousands of euros that the victim owed to one of the suspects in the context of cocaine trafficking, continues the same media.

However, the victim has put forward a different story. According to her statements, she was kidnapped because her cousin, living in Algeria, had entrusted her with a very special task.

This task consisted of finding a buyer in Europe who could take back one of his paintings, an authentic Picasso worth 2.5 million euros.

Counsel for the victim claimed 25,000 euros in compensation for material and moral damages.

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