PT attacks Bouhadja and parliamentarians of the majority

Algeria-Two days after statements by the president of the National People's Congress, APN, who mocked the opposition, the Workers' Party reacted.

In a statement that sanctioned the work of his political bureau, the party of Luisa Hanoune was not tender with Saïd Bouhadja. "The partisan use of the perch of the NPC by the president of the plural legislative body, it must be remembered, is a political drift in clear contradiction with the revised constitution in 2016 which moreover is supposed to grant more prerogatives to the parliamentary opposition, "notes the Workers Party in its statement. The political bureau of the PT also considers that the president of the APN has "overstepped its prerogatives and usurped those of the president of the republic to which is addressed the letter signed by hundreds of thousands of Algerian and Algerian".

In another chapter, Louisa Hanoune's party violently attacked the FLN and RND senators who boycotted the opening session of the new session of Parliament. The party denounced "the gravest and unprecedented attitude" of the majority of the members of the Council of the nation from the PFLN, RND and the third president who "mobilized by boycotting the opening session of the parliamentary session to express their solidarity with one of their colleague caught in the act of corruption, excluded by his own party (RND) ". This incident shows, according to the PT, that no "serious political reform including the fight against corruption can succeed without a real political and institutional renewal."

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