Race against time to find Ikram, missing since 6 days (Expert)

Algeria – The disappearance for six days of the small Ikram in the wilaya of Tiaret has not failed to revive the specter of kidnappings, experienced by Algeria, there is not so much long.

The inhabitants of Tiaret, but also of the bordering regions spared no effort to find it. A huge sweep has targeted the main forests of the region. The woods and bushes were also combed.

"We are waiting for the prosecutor to sign search warrants so that the security services can inspect and search some suspicious dwellings". This is what announces Zoubir Bechroul president of the national child protection organization, on the set of the television channel Ennahar.

Information still gives hope that the little Ikram is safe and sound. Indeed, Mr. Bechrour indicates that information that has come to him say that the girl was seen from the side of Tissemsilt. "She was with an old woman

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