Rain and Thunderstorms expected this Saturday, August 11 in several regions of the country

Algeria – Rain and thunderstorms are expected in several parts of the country for this Saturday, August 11th. Thus, according to Météo Algerie, thunderstorms are expected in the eastern interior of the country throughout the day.

Rains are, in particular, predictable on the wilayas of Tebessa, Oum El Bouaghi, Khenchela and Batna.

In addition to the eastern interior, it is in the regions of the Western Interior that stormy rains are also expected all day Saturday. Naama, El Bayadh, Laghouat, Tiaret and Saida are particularly concerned.

Finally, throughout the same day of August 11, rain and thunderstorms are expected throughout the territory of the wilaya of Tamanrasset.

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