receipt of the new airport terminal in March

"The reception of the new terminal was planned for the end of the current year, but was however postponed to March 2019, to allow the EGSAO to remove some difficulties," said the Dg de this company, initiator of the project.

"The reasons for this delay are due to difficulties related to the importation of equipment requiring the intervention of the Minister of Public Works and Transport and the company Cosider was responsible for the work that is in net advancement, "said Kessal.

The same official pointed out that the new international airport is designed "according to international standards and equipped with last generation equipment".

The import of equipment that will strengthen this basic infrastructure has entered the delivery phase. The State has devoted significant resources to the acquisition of very modern equipment to ensure the traveler's rest meets international standards.

The new terminal of the international airport "Ahmed Benbella" will receive, once received, 3.5 million passengers a year, according to its director general.

In addition, the new multi-storey car park at the airport with a capacity of 1,200 vehicles and financed by the EGSAO will enter into service at the end of February, according to Mr. Kessal who also announced that the area Freight will be received shortly.

The Airport Services Management Company of Oran oversees 11 airports in the West and Southwest of the country.

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