Reception in 2020 of the penetrating highway of Bouira

Algeria – Achievement of the penetrating highway Bouira will be delivered by 2020, the achievement rate having exceeded 49%, according to a report presented Sunday by the Commission of the People's Assembly of the wilaya (APW) in charge of the public works sector

"The rate of completion of the penetrating highway of Tizi Ouzou is of the order of 49.5%, and the reception of the project is planned for 2020", explained the commission of the APW in a report presented before the wali of Bouira, Mustapha Limani, during an ordinary session of the APW.

This 48 km project is planned between the locality of Draâ Ben Khedda (Tizi Ouzou) and that of Djebahia (Bouira). A financial envelope of more than five billion dinars has been allocated for the realization of this project, which also covers the construction of 25 km of secondary roads, 37 engineering structures, 21 viaducts and two 1,660-meter long tunnels. eight (8) exchangers, according to the project specification sheet.

The deadline for completing this important project, which was initially 37 months, was reviewed and extended to 72 months, the same source explained.

Entrusted to the Algerian-Turkish group ENGOA-OZGUN-NUROL, this same project has been reevaluated in its financial envelope, added the commission of the APW without giving more details in this regard. The rate of completion of the structures contained in this project has reached 48% while that of the tunnel is of the order of 52%, according to the details provided by the same source.

The APW commission, which recently inquired about the pace of work, also noted a "slight" delay in the completion of the 2373 long viaduct, whose completion rate does not exceed the 37%, she said again. "The viaduct n 19 also knows the delay and the rate of work is only of the order of 32%. This delay is mainly due to the displacement and relocation of some inhabitants located on the section of the project, "said the same source.

In its report, the APW commission highlighted the need to rehabilitate and upgrade all degraded state roads and wilaya roads in accordance with standards and deadlines. In response to concerns raised by the APW Commission, the Public Works Department explained that it has mobilized 11 teams (311 elements) in the field for road maintenance.

The departments of the wilaya devote each year financial envelopes for the rehabilitation of roads and degraded roads. Since 2015, the wilaya has allocated more than 380 million dinars for the upgrading of roads and wilaya roads, according to statistics given during the APW session.


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