recovery of 40 pieces of archaeological coins and arrest of 2 persons

Algeria – The brigade of research and investigation of the security of the wilaya of Mila proceeded to the recovery of 40 archaeological coins and to the arrest of 2 people who were about to sell them , we learn, Wednesday, the services of the security of wilaya.

Informed of a transaction concerning the sale of archeological artefacts on one of the social networks, the elements of the anti-cybercrime brigade and the cultural heritage protection cell managed to challenge the two accused, specified the same source.

Aged 30 and 44 years and from the wilayas of Jijel and Blida, the two accused were arrested Wednesday morning at a bus stop near the communal stadium of the city of Mila in possession of 40 pieces of currency, whose expertise of the services of the direction of culture has confirmed the archaeological value, added the same source.

According to the head of the cultural heritage department of the same department, Lezghad Chiaba, these coins date back to various historical eras.

Seven (7) copper coins date back to Roman times, two (2) gold date back to the Byzantine era, seven (7) to the Islamic period, 19 pieces from the French era, three (3) ) pieces from the United States, two (2) pieces from Italy dating from 1873 and a Mexican coin dated 1947, said the same source.

The two defendants were brought before the Mila court on Wednesday afternoon for the unlawful possession of archaeological material and no declaration of incidental discovery, the source said.


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