Repatriation of 370 clandestine migrants to Niger's borders

Algeria – Three hundred and seventy (370) illegal migrants were repatriated Monday to the Niger border, including 38 children in Algiers who were exploited by criminal gangs to serve in begging, we learned from the authorities in charge of the file.

At a lively press conference at the Zeralda Recreation Center, the director responsible for the migration file at the Ministry of the Interior, Local Government and Territorial Planning, Hacen Kacimi said that " investigations are under way to unmask gang members who mistreat and exploit these children for use in begging in major wilayas through the establishment of a network that forces these children to work 14 hours a day ", adding that "the four arrested individuals will be brought to justice."

In this context, people who deal with the "transport of children in unauthorized taxis" are the subject of research, have we learned from the services of the wilaya of Algiers who arrested, during the last two days, in collaboration with the gendarmerie and national security services, 38 children who were begging in organized networks, in their possession of mobile phones, and managed by criminal gangs which distribute them on the metro stations and shopping malls, making sure not to fall into the hands of the police department.

million. Kacimi called on citizens "not to encourage criminal gangs by giving money to these young beggars. The latter, most of whom suffer from serious diseases, come from Niger and are introduced to Algeria, "he added.

Addressing international public opinion, he said that "Algeria is fighting against criminal organizations specialized in child trafficking by presenting, in this sense, evidence on several occasions despite the campaigns launched by some parties to undermine its credibility ", adding that Algeria treats illegal migrants within the framework of the respect of international treaties" by ensuring in particular a health cover to these migrants with dangerous diseases ".

Saying that the Algerian security services "prevent annually at the borders of the South nearly 40,000 illegal migrants to travel to Europe, the same official said that those who tend to transgress the borders of the South were" 23 African nationalities, including West Africa, the Sahel region and Central Africa ". He also recalled that Algeria had repatriated "10,000 illegal Nigerian migrants including 7,000 children and 3,000 women."

"A large number of migrants who have already been repatriated have returned to Algeria on several occasions and brought to justice," Kacimi said, adding that the Algerian justice "had sentenced 20,000 Nigerian migrants while 36,000 Malian migrants have been condemned by the Malian Justice. "

The same official pointed out that "the Algerian authorities are preparing to counter the growing threats of illegal migration, citing the allocation of 600 billion centimes, in 2018, the fight against this phenomenon in the coming years.

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