Request for the Waiver of Parliamentary Immunity for Naima Salhi

Algeria-After several gaps in language, MP Naima Salhi can be brought to justice. A lawyer, Benlahrech Zakaria, specializing in the defense of African migrants, officially asked the president of the National People's Congress, APN, to lift Naima Salhi's parliamentary immunity to be able to prosecute her for "racism" and "incitement". to racial hatred. "

Counsel relies, in his motion, on recent statements by the Islamist member. Naima Salhi called on the Algerian authorities to "hunt" the "disease-carrying" migrants. Worse still, it called on human rights defenders to stop defending these migrants.

In his document, the lawyer recalled in particular the international conventions signed by Algeria in the field of respect for migrants' rights. "That this member knows that these migrants were created by God and accuse them of bringing back sickness requires evidence," wrote the lawyer in his missive.

Calls for the lifting of parliamentary immunity for Naima Salhi have already been launched when she attacked Kabylia.

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