Resident doctors announce major demonstration in Algiers

Algeria – Resident Physicians Expect to Raise Their Tone by Organizing a Major Action to be Taken by Internal and External Physicians

The Autonomous Collective of Algerian Resident Doctors (CAMRA) called for a peaceful national demonstration on Monday, February 12 in Algiers.

"[…] after several fruitless meetings with the intersectoral commission, the trusteeship continues to ignore our movement with the interruption of negotiations and threats to suspend them until the freeze of the strike, the Collectif des Médecins Residents Algerians are still confident and determined to extort their legitimate rights, "reads a statement from CAMRA.

"All residents, after consultation of all the faculties of Algeria, voted for a major action this week, a peaceful national demonstration on Monday, February 12, 2018 in Algiers," writes the collective, which invites Internal and External Medicine to join this movement



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