Review of Cholera: When the Ministry of Health tangle brushes

Algeria – We already know that communication is not the forte of Professor Mokhtar Hasbellaoui's department, but to communicate an incoherent balance sheet ?!

In a first statement issued by the Ministry of Health, there are 46 confirmed cases of cholera, while when adding the number of cases confirmed by wilaya, it falls on the figure of 70.

In front of this dumpling, the department of Hasbellaoui issued a corrigendum, mentioning the suspected and confirmed cases, thus maintaining the figure of 46 confirmed cases in 6 wilayas.

Bouira: 6 suspected cases of cholera, of which 3 confirmed;

Blida: 91 suspected cases of cholera, of which 25 confirmed

Tipaza: 18 suspected cases of cholera, of which 12 confirmed

Algiers: 22 suspected cases of cholera, including 5 confirmed;

Medea: only one case of confirmed cholera;

Ain Defla: a suspected case of cholera

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شارك هاذا المقال !

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