"Sale of used vehicles", which code for what content?

In Algeria, the activity of "Retail sale of used motor vehicles" is codified in the nomenclature of economic activities subject to registration in the commercial register (NAE) under the code: 503 307.

This code gives the operator access to a large amount of content. As follows:

– Retail sale of second-hand motor vehicles including caravans, trailers except four-wheel drive (04) driving and utility vehicles.

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File to provide for a register of commerce:

-A signed application, drawn up on forms provided by the National Center for the Register of Commerce (NRC).

-The proof of the premises, that is: a title deed or a lease of lease, a concession of a land base to house the commercial activity, or any act or decision of assignment issued by a public body .

-The receipt justifying the payment of stamp duty (4,000 DA).

-The receipt for payment of registration fees (varies by sector).

-A copy of the resident card for taxable persons of foreign nationality.

-A copy of the authorization or provisional approval issued by the competent authorities for the exercise of regulated activities or professions.



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