Schools transformed into halls, dormitories, stables …! (Survey)

Algeria – "Insanity is always doing the same thing and expecting a different result". Albert Einstein.

And if the problem, the whole problem facing the school reform dynamic lay in the simple fact that a prerequisite, or at least parallel work, was neglected: Personnel Reform.

If the new program faces dogmatics seeking a different result using the same recipe that failed yesterday. If this dynamic has removed some hands from some boxes. There is another factor, which is probably not exhaustive, which has still not been solved: the business of school principals and education officials in certain localities.

The investigation published this Thursday, August 30, carried out by a team of journalists of the Daily Ennahar who has plowed several wilayas, is distressing. It provides information on the degree of lack of ethics, unconsciousness and corruption that is the core of our school system.

Schools transformed into a business!

Party halls, dormitories, barns, grain storage sheds. But also summer camps, or places of debauchery. This is what schools are transformed in several wilayas visited by the team of journalists.

Bejaia: Summer Camp at … Kaddi Betchi High School!

In Bejaia, several high schools have been transformed during this summer into summer camps. The most striking example being high school Kaddi Bettichi which welcomes children from Western Sahara and the South of the country.

M'sila: Halls of Feast and Places of Woe

In M'sila the establishments, in particular in Ouled Aichi, Ouled Nahar, Labaziz, Sidi Aissa, are transformed into storage sheds of grains, feed of cattle or even in halls of festivals. Some have become places of debauchery open to offenders. As is the case of settlements in the south and west of the city. In particular, in Sidi Amer, Sidi Aissa, or Ain Lahdjel, Benserrour, Maadid. Two schools, the Mohamed Bensenouci School and the Zomra School in Sidi Amer, whose work has been completed for years, are closed. They serve as halls and weddings. But also meeting places for all those who have chosen to live on the margins of society.

Batna: The Primary without wall of Ouled Si Slimane

Several schools in the wilaya of Batna are in a dismal state. They house several students, while "they could not even serve as cattle sheds!", The newspaper reveals. Among these establishments, the Chemlal Amar School in Mechta Gouchbi, 6 km from the town of Ouled Si Slimane has no external wall! What separates it from the road is a simple fence

Setif: Classes transformed into housing

In Sétif, certain classes of several establishments are transformed into housing. As is the case of Kherchi, which is the oldest and most prestigious CEM in the city. The latter is in the city "Angar" and receives more than 400 students. A situation that reduced its capacity after the entire second floor was converted into housing.

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