Security: arrest of more than 120 migrants in Mostaganem and Tamanrasset

Algeria – At least 124 clandestine migrants were arrested by National People's Army (ANP) detachments in Mostaganem and Tamanrasset, a DND statement said on Thursday (November 1st).

"Combined detachments of the National People's Army arrested 124 illegal immigrants of different nationalities in Mostaganem and Tamanrasset," the statement said.

In addition, other detachments combined ANP intercepted Tuesday in Bordj Badji Mokhtar, In Guezzam and Tamanrasset "14 miners and seized four 04 metal detectors, three 03 jackhammers, three 03 generators, seven 07 all-terrain vehicles and detonation substances and equipment. "

Still in the Great South, the elements of the army have arrested, according to the same source, "03) smugglers and seized (5.4) tons of foodstuffs intended for contraband."

Meanwhile, elements of the National Gendarmerie arrested "three drug traffickers in Tlemcen and seized 533 kilograms of kif treaty, while 20300 units of pyrotechnics were seized in Sétif."

شارك هاذا المقال !

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