Seizure of large quantities of pyrotechnics and drugs

Algeria – Large quantities of pyrotechnics, drugs and psychotropic tablets were seized Friday by combined detachments of the National People's Army (NPA) in several parts of the country, says Ministry of Defense National Defense (DND).

"As part of the fight against smuggling and organized crime, combined detachments of the ANP seized, on November 16, 2018, 36,700 pyrotechnic units at Setif (5th Military Region), 31,421 at Biskra and 36,260 at Ouargla (4th RM), as well as 7,345 boxes of medicine in Ouargla and 03 tourist vehicles in Biskra, "says DND.

According to the same source, the elements of the National Gendarmerie seized, meanwhile, 285 kilograms of kif treaty in Tlemcen (2nd RM) and 2.703 psychotropic tablets in Mila and El-Taref (5th RM), as well as 800 liters of fuel at Béchar (3rd RM).

Moreover, as part of the fight against illegal emigration, Coast Guards foiled in Oran (2nd RM), an attempt at illegal emigration of18 people, it adds

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