Seizure of more than 10 tonnes of food unfit for human consumption

These various food products, with a total value of 8, 3 million DA, were seized in the wilaya during operations of control of the services of commerce during the month of July because of the proven dangers that they represented for the health of consumers, told the APS, the head of service consumer protection and fraud prevention at the direction of Commerce, Malika Staali.

Sixty samples of food products for physico-chemical and microbiological analysis, including ice cream, pastry, soft drinks, tuna and other products sensitive to consumption, were made by consumer protection and the prevention of fraud, 40 of which are under analysis and 20 which do not comply with the standards in force governing certain activities, said the manager.

The quality control departments also operated during this month of July a seizure of 3,184 units (counterfeit car parts of Chinese origin worth 1.5 million DA), it was added . The monthly assessment of the Commerce Department of the wilaya of Oran reports the closure of six food stores, revealed Ms. Staali, noting that the offending traders were verbalised by the trade control services with proposals for closure and prosecutions.

No less than 3,614 interventions were made during this period by the control services of the Commerce Department of the wilaya of Oran, it was reported.

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