Sharm El-Sheikh, new destination popular with Algerians

Algeria – Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt is experiencing an important and unprecedented influx of Algerian tourists during the current summer season. The number of bookings recorded at tourist agencies has increased significantly, or four times more than previous year.

After Tunisia took the lead each year, the Tunisians found themselves this year faced with fierce competition and for the first time, because of a large number of Algerians attracted by "Sharm el-Sheikh" .

According to the director of an Egyptian tourist agency, the number of bookings made "did not exceed 50 bookings during the last season, while the current season reached its peak with 180 bookings". This figure was to be revised upwards, he said.

This finding was shared by the director of a tourism agency "Silab Tour", Ouasila Chaabane who confirms that the number of reservations, recorded since the beginning of the summer season has tripled compared to last year.

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