Sheep weighing 30 kg for 28,000 dinars! Explanation of the strategy of the Ministry …

"The price of 30 kg sheep will not exceed 28,000 dinars. And will never exceed 30.0000 Dinars. "

This is what promises the Spokesman of the National Federation of Sheep Breeders, Bouzid Salmi, in a statement Friday, August 10, in Ennahar OnLine. He adds that the Ministry of Agriculture instructed farmers to "lower their prices during the period of the Aid".

Objective: To drown the Market!

No one yet knows what effect it will have, but one must admit that the Department's strategy to pull down the indecency of sheep prices is greeted by many observers ….

Thus, in front of this madness of the prices of the animals this year, the Ministry leaves of its defensive position and goes on the offensive. Nearly 100,000 sheep will appear from this Saturday, August 11, in the capital. And this, in order to drown the market and thus bring down prices.

They will be put on sale by no less than 43 authorized breeders. And distributed through 105 points of sales arranged for this purpose.

Finally, Mr. Salmi, indicates that 132 veterinarians were mobilized for the controls. And a mobilization of the security services should do the rest.

Who will live will see …

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