Sit-in of the inhabitants before the direction of the Health

Algeria: Tens, see hundreds of residents of Ouargla have observed this Thursday morning a sit-in to the health department to denounce "bad practices and corruption problems that taint the health sector . "

Indignant protesters brandished banners and chanted slogans calling on the authorities concerned to "increase the quota of medical students in the South."

This protest movement comes in the aftermath of the tragic death of the university teacher who has since raised the indignation of the inhabitants of Ouargla.

Many citizens felt that the lack of resources and staff in the hospital of the capital of their wilaya is the cause of the death of the teacher in the language faculty, Aicha Aouissat, last Monday. Something that has been contradicted by guardianship. The Minister of Health made statements, mainly about his death, which sparked a great controversy in society.

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