six deaths by drowning in 48 hours

This is a child who died by drowning in a pool of water at a place called Oued Ghezlat, Mansoura commune (Ghardaïa), two people died in a pool of water at a place called Bir El R 'khema, commune of Ras El Miad, daïra of Sidi Khaled (Biskra), a deceased person in a dam, located at a place called sidi Hamed, municipality of Meftah (Blida), a child died in a wadi, located at says Ain Zebiba (Tamanrasset) and a person drowned at sea at the "Wonderful Caves" beach in Ziama Mansouria (Jijel), the same source said.

The elements of the Civil Protection also intervened, during the same period, for the extinction of urban fires and various through the wilayas of Tizi Ouzou, Mostaganem, Ain Defla, Tindouf and Blida.

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