Six private clinics closed by the Ministry of Health

Algeria – The Ministry of Health has noted several violations found by the inspectorate which will quote in this regard "overruns" in the work of some private clinics, particularly in terms of working hours and also of "replacement" "Doctors on vacation.

The inspection services at the Ministry of Health revealed a number of overruns recorded at the level of es that do not respect "working hours" and exercise "unauthorized" medical practices through guardianship. A total of six clinics were permanently closed for non-compliance with the conditions and regulations relating to the "replacement" of physicians in these private health facilities.

In the same context, the same source has revealed a large number of "abuses" at the level of certain private clinics because of the "anarchic" and "illegal" replacement of doctors which causes a great distress among suffering patients who are forced to go back and forth to heal themselves

] Among other abuses raised by health inspectors, non-registration of medical records of patients, which is contrary to the laws in force which provides the right to suffer treatment.

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