Skikda: Two Terrorist Leaders Surrounded by the Army at Azzaba

Algeria – Started on July 30th, the anti-terrorist operation continues in the commune of Azzaba, wilaya of Skikda, learned ALG24 from safe source.

National People's Army forces, which lost several soldiers in this operation, surrounded two al-Qaeda-based Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) terrorist leaders in Bissy, Azzaba commune.

This is according to our information from the emir of the East, nicknamed "Abu Dharar". The latter comes from the wilaya of El-Tarf, far east of Algeria.

The second terrorist leader encircled is the emir of Skikda, nicknamed "El-Yatim Adel". The latter had allowed Droukdel, head of AQIM, to hide for months in the bush of this eastern wilaya.

"Abu Dharar" and "El-Yatim Adel" are known to be trusted men of Abu Musab Abdelwadoud, whose real name is "Abdelmalek Droukdel", who has also settled in recent years in East of the country

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