Smart cities in Algeria: What blocks! (video)

Algeria – The absence of the Culture of "citizenship", "civism", and especially the lack of "environmental" culture add to those, the delay in digitization have, no doubt , a negative impact on the "realization" of smart cities in Algeria, says construction specialists.

Ms. Hassina Hammache, expert engineer in construction, spoke this Friday morning this theme on the Ennahar TV channel. It raises many constraints that can "delay" the "realization" of smart cities in our country.

For her, the smart city is the ecological city, the connected city, which requires a direct involvement of the various stakeholders in the city, including the citizen, and without limiting itself, transport services, energy , urban planning, water, security, health and digitization, among others.

For this, it calls for the change of the thinking system among Algerians and especially the awareness of everyone on the importance of preserving the environment to improve the living environment and prevent communicable diseases in Algeria .

Indeed, it evokes the model of smart city of Barcelona which counts among the leaders of the movement of the intelligent cities. Barcelona is the "reign" of smart cities in the world. The World Bank cites the example of its waste management … technologies and urban digitization of Spain, she argued.

It considers it imperative to make a "study" for the "management" of a city and stresses the importance of "digitization" … The citizen must be informed on the internet about the environment (filing date waste …), she added

"I can testify, I who surveyed a city a few days ago that residents told me that their city has not been cleaned in recent months, and that it was cleaned occasionally the Wali Zoukh's visit.However, she calls on the citizens to contribute, also and to clean their city, their neighborhood … ", she estimates.

غياب ثقافة المواطنة..النظافة..عوامل تؤخر الولوج إلى عالم المدن الذكية

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