Son of diplomat, dressed in a Jilbab, armed with a rifle … The incredible story that shook Kouba!

Algeria – It all started on October 11, 2017, when a video of a man dressed in Jilbab pursued by residents became viral and went around the Web …

For Internet users it could only be one of one thing: A terrorist! Especially since the video that was titled: "Capital: the moment of the arrest of a young man in a Jilbab" had shown that the man was armed with a shotgun.

It took only a few tens of minutes for the security forces to locate the video and establish that it was the city Garidi in Kouba. Immediately, the latter intervene and stop the individual.

Son of a First Rank Diplomat …

It was finally "L.H", son of a former diplomat in several countries between 1994 and 2005. The name of the latter was kept secret. According to the daily Ennahar, which reveals in its edition of this Saturday, November 10, that he had held several positions as ambassadors (Mexico, China, Denmark but also in Niger).

The trial ….

Before the investigating judge, "L.H" tells that he could not stand a divorce from his ex-wife "C.H", who is a notary in Bab El Oued. That he chose the Jilbab to go unnoticed. He also rented a "Scoda" vehicle. Finally, he took the shotgun (12 mm) belonging to his father. Then, went to the home of his ex-wife Garidi. Arrived at the site, he took the stairs of building 87 to reach the second floor.

A tenant (B. Abdelatif) noticed that he was a man and gave the alert. And it was then that several young people of the district ran up and could stop him until the arrival of the police force.

They will say ….

In his defense, "L.H" indicates that he just wanted to approach his ex-wife to convince her to allow her to see her children!

An argument questioned by the ex-wife who indicated that he was an addict, used to cocaine.

She adds that he has caused her a lot of trouble with customers and associates at his import export business that he had cheated. They did not stop the harassed at his workplace and his home in Bach Djerrah. She finally mentions that she had to pay 1 billion centimes to pay the debts of her ex-husband.

The verdict …

The investigation finally revealed that "C.H" had a license in rights and speaks 4 foreign languages. He had been sentenced to 3 years in prison in 2003 for a scam affair. Although the prosecutor requested five years in prison, a psychological report made in 2005 showed that he suffered from mental disorders.

Finally and before this fact, the Tribunal will pronounce its verdict by placing it in the psychiatric hospital Frantz Fanon de Blida.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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