Stabbed to the heart, he died instantly … Three days, three murders!

Algeria – In the absence of firm decisions, and lax assistance, wearing a knife, for some young people, became a commonplace act …

So commonplace that this weapon is nowadays, in some circles, the essential accessory to have on either. Like a wallet or a cell phone.

If for a certain category of young people the knife is a weapon of defense, it is also an instrument that gives a feeling of all power to a teenager subject to testosterone. And in the end, they exhibit, play with, threaten … And this dance with death, can just as easily end in tragedy.

At Meftah, it did not happen a few hours after a crime had been committed, a second occurred a few kilometers from the first.

Thus, the young "A.C", 20, showed a knife and threatened with passersby. A 24-year-old neighbor, seeing the scene came into conflict with him. He takes the knife, throws it into his heart and runs away. He leaves him dead in a pool of blood.

Three days, three murders!

Meftah's Little Cinder on the Far East of Blida has experienced the last 72 hours at the maddening pace of murder a day! Three murders in three days

A few hours before this crime, just a few kilometers out of town, a young man stabbed another man's throat, killing him on the spot.

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شارك هاذا المقال !

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