Statue Ain El Fouara: Restored, the first images of the Madonna with white marble! (Video)

Algeria – "Ain Fouara is a fusion of legend and reality. A love story between a population and its history ".

This was stated in 1997, Mr Ouali Abdelkader, then Wali de Setif at the time. A hard-nosed Algerian who had sworn, not as a leader, but as an Algerian to renovate the statue of Ain Fouara, when fundamentalists tried, a first time, to destroy it.

December 2017, she suffered a second attempt of physical destruction with chisel by another fundamentalist. Encouraged in this by a speech relayed in society, in the media, by some nostalgic years of tears, blood, destruction of everything that can be related, near or far to the Algerian, to the Algerian . By these destroyers of statues and worse.

August 4, 2018: And the Youyous resound in Les Aures!

"Long live Algeria. I cried during his destruction. I'm crying today to see her again. " This is the declaration of a proud grandmother Sétifienne who attended this August 4, 2018, the inauguration and the rebirth of this landmark Sétifien.

The Minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi has indeed inaugurated after a restoration that lasted seven months, by an Algerian expert. According to information collected on site in Setif by the Ennahar TV Channel, the minister assured that the cost of its restoration was symbolic, unlike what has been peddled here and there.

Thus, for 113 years, solidly placed on its stone base, the statue, whose posture suggests that it seeks to scrutinize in the distance, still remains today, the impassive and indifferent witness of the joys, all in gladness, and tragedies, all of tears and blood, which sprinkled the existence of his city: Setif

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