Stormy rains expected in the wilayas of the East and North

Algeria – Heavy rains accompanied sometimes storm will affect some wilayas of the East, North and some coastal cities, announced yesterday Wednesday, the National Office of Meteorology (ONM).

That was revealed yesterday to Ennahar TV the communication officer of the National Office of Meteorology, Houaria Ben Rakta, who had estimated that "stormy rains will affect tomorrow Friday the wilayas of the north and the wilayas of the east ", following a a mass of fresh air coming from the eastern part of the Mediterranean basin, According to the forecasts of the ONM.

Most coastal cities, especially those of the east, will experience climate change from tomorrow especially in the Aurès region after a relatively cool air mass from the Mediterranean , has it detailed.

In addition, she adds that a slight drop in temperature, ranging from 29 to 33 degrees Celsius will be recorded on the coast, and between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius in the eastern regions , especially the Aurès.

According to the Office, this drop in temperatures will continue until next Monday.

On the other hand, it specifies that the rains can be abundant locally, without determining the amount of rain that will affect these regions.

On the other hand, she announces that the temperatures in the southern regions are going down slightly, ie maximum temperatures not exceeding 46 degrees Celsius.

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