Strange death of an Algerian national in a French prison

Algeria – An illegal immigrant of Algerian nationality, Rouwainiya Hani, died Thursday August 9th in a French prison under "suspicious" conditions.

The deceased young man, born in 1994 in Bouchegouf, wilaya of Guelma, immigrated illegally to France in 2013, with a group of "Harraga", said his father this Saturday on Ennahar TV. A few months later, he met a girl from Sidi Bel-Abbes, with whom he lived for two and a half years, before she lodged a complaint against him for violence.

Following this complaint, the young Hani was imprisoned in a detention center in Paris, from where he will not go out alive.

Then the father of the victim claims that his son was beaten to death in the prison, official sources say that the latter, himself, ended his life, which led the father to ask the repatriation of his remains for a possible autopsy.

million. Mahieddine

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