Surrender of two terrorists in Tamanrasset

Algeria – Two terrorists surrendered Sunday to the military authorities in Tamanrasset (6th Military District), said a statement from the Department of National Defense (DND).

As part of the fight against terrorism and in the dynamics of the sustained efforts provided by the forces of the National People's Army, two (02) terrorists surrendered, today 02 September 2018, to the military authorities in Tamanrasset. 6th Military Region. This is called "Abdallah Klaghlagh" said "Yaakoub Hassen" and "Ali Ould Badi Klaghlagh" said "Saad".

The two terrorists who joined the terrorist groups in 2010 were in possession of two (02) Kalashnikov-type machine guns and (02) ammunition loaders.

This operation is in addition to all the quality results achieved in the field, confirms the great vigilance and determination of the ANP forces deployed along our borders, to thwart any attempt to reach to the security of the country and its stability.

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