Talaie El Hourriyet will decide at the "opportune moment", (Ali Benflis)

Algeria- The president of the Talaie party El Hourriyet, Ali Benflis said Saturday in Algiers, that the decision on the participation of the party in the next presidential will be taken by the Central Committee "in all sovereignty and at the appropriate time" .

In a speech at the opening of the 6th session of the party's Central Committee, at the headquarters of Mutual Construction Workers' Union (MUTRACO) in Zeralda, Mr. Benflis said that "the decision on the next presidential election is important and can not be taken lightly, "adding that" the Central Committee will in all sovereignty and democracy take the right decision at the right time, as was the case in previous deadlines. "

Talaie President El Hourriyet said at a press conference held on the sidelines of this session that "the postponement" of the date of the announcement of the party's position on the presidential election "will not problem in case the Committee decides to participate in this election ", assuring, as such, that the party" which is represented in all the communes of the country as well as abroad, will find no difficulty of order organization or in collecting signatures to participate in this election meeting. "

"Every party activist has the right to run, in the name of Talaie El Hourriyet, for the next presidential election," said Benflis, saying, in this regard, that his political party "is serious about democratic practices. in all its structures. "

Assuring that the decision of participation of the party in the next presidential emanate from a brainstorming, Mr. Benflis criticized, moreover, "the opacity characterizing the political scene that stands before any analysis to take the right decision ".

On the other hand, Talaie party president El Hourriyet called on all "nationalists" to "combine their efforts, far from any ideological considerations or partisan visions, to revive an inclusive and unifying dialogue for a consensual solution. aimed at getting out of the crisis. "

Responding to a question about his position regarding the formalization of the relationship of the four parties of the presidential coalition (FLN, RND, TAJ and MPA) as part of the support to the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz
Bouteflika, at the next deadline, Mr. Benflis stated that "his party does not interfere in the internal affairs of other parties and respects the views of others."

Source: APS

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