Teachers' Promotions: Registration Requirements Announced

Algeria – The conditions for promotion to the ranks of head teacher and trainer are unveiled this Friday, November 09 by the Ministry of National Education.

Thus, the Minister of National Education, Nouria Benghabrit announced today, on her tweeting tale, the conditions of inscription on the lists of qualifications whose dates were set by the Ministry of supervision.

Concerning primary school teachers (PEP), the Minister specifies that teachers with ten (10) years of seniority are concerned by the promotion to the grade of principal teacher, while the principal professors justifying the same number years of experience (10 years) are involved in the promotion to the rank of teacher-trainer.

Regarding the average cycle, Mr. Benghabrit specified that the promotion to the grade of principal teacher of the medium education concerns the professors having 10 years of seniority, whereas the promotion to the rank of teacher-trainer concerns the professors the main reasons for the same number of years of experience

For the secondary cycle, this promotion is intended for professors with 10 years seniority to obtain the rank of head teacher. Principal professors with 10 years of seniority will be promoted to the rank of teacher-trainer.

Registration is open from November 11 to 25, 2018. While the results will be known by December 6, the ministry said.

It is important to remember that promotion to the higher grades of teachers concerns the three school cycles namely primary, middle and secondary.

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