Temmar loses his nerves in front of a manager

Algeria – The Minister of Housing, Urbanism, and the City, Mr. Abdelwahid Temmar, lost his temper today, Tuesday, August 28, 2018 in Algiers, in front of a manager of a company implementation of a housing project.

During an inspection visit of public promotional housing projects (LPP) to the communes of Rouïba and Bordj El Bahri, to the wilaya of Algiers, Temmar lost his calm in front of a manager of a company of execution, who was trying to explain to him the progress of a project and the date of its receipt. The minister went against him and silenced him by saying that it was not worth repeating the details several times. "Stop .. Stop … do not repeat 1000 times … I understood your project," he said.

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