The Algerian Amar Adjili in France … to clean the city of Marseille

Algeria – He was with Edmund Platt, a famous British ecologist. Amar Adjili, the indefatigable Algerian environmental activist, was yesterday Sunday in Marseille, southern France, for a pickup operation.

Accompanied by some 30 volunteers, the two men, whose citizen initiatives are similar, organized a collective cleansing. They targeted the busiest places in the city center of the second largest French metropolis. Among these places are the Saint Charles station, but also the Porte d'Aix (a district located at the entrance to Marseille).

At the station, it is on the terrace of a Mc Donald restaurant that the two activists kicked off, according to La Provence. "Take care, madam, sir, to your waste, think ashtrays … And besides, I present my friend Amar Adjili, he came specially from Algeria to clean Marseille! ", Immediately launched Edmund Platt.

Among the volunteers is Daouia, an Algerian student in France. "At home, Amar is very well known. I saw the event on Facebook, so I came. It was an opportunity to see him, to help my ladder, "she testified.

During the summer season, Amar Adjili organized a clean-up level of the city called "Carrière Jobert", located in the popular neighborhood Bab El Oued in Algiers. Said city is known to be one of the most dangerous places in the capital.

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