the ANP strives to anchor the spirit of November among the younger generations

Algeria- Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defense, Chief of Staff of the National People's Army (ANP), said Tuesday in Algiers that the High Command Army is committed to "anchor the spirit of our glorious November Revolution and its noble values ​​among the younger generations," said a statement from the Department of National Defense (DND).

President of the National Army Circle the opening of the work of the historic symposium entitled "November 1 in military history … valorization of experience", the Lieutenant General recalled in an address , broadcast via videoconference to the units and schools of the ANP through the six Military Regions, the great interest granted by the Command of the ANP to the national history, in general, and to the history of the Revolution of Liberation, in particular.

In the presence of the Minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi, national and historical personalities, as well as executives of the ANP and university students, Gaïd Salah stressed the importance of organizing this symposium, coinciding with the celebration of the 64th anniversary of the Revolution.

"We are fully aware of the National People's Army, the worthy heir to the National Liberation Army, and we are working tirelessly and with the help of Allah the Almighty, to anchor the spirit of our Glorious November Revolution and its noble values ​​among the loyal young generations, and allow them to understand the message of November and to identify its size and greatness, "said the Lieutenant General

"Our Revolution deserves to be glorified and our Army is entitled, today and forever, to be proud of its deep roots that have made this epic, in this case the National Liberation Army, a reality. The flame of this pride will shine as bright as the grandeur of the pioneering role assigned to the National People's Army, "he said.

The Chief of Staff of the PNA added that "the glorious Revolution of the 1st of November has traced, with all that it bears as noble human values ​​and firm determination, the path of victory and has the French colonizer, with all its barbarity and atrocity, inflicted the bitterness of defeat, and forced it to turn back and leave with a taste for the unfinished. "

He noted that the place the Algerian Revolution occupies in the history of the world "clearly testifies to the nobility of its values ​​and the grandeur of its events and dimensions."

The Lieutenant General affirmed that the ANP's High Command "will continue with perseverance, and in the light of the unwavering support of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Supreme Leader of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, to ensure the anchoring of the historical consciousness among the military personnel so that it constitutes the enlightened and ineluctable way with which only one is convinced that the independent Algerian State with all its bases and its constitutional institutions resulting from the Revolution of November 1, and whose bases are reconfigured, will still need his sons devoted throughout the Algerian territory with at their head the men of the National People's Army, and this, to strengthen the ranks and boost the sustained efforts of synergy and cohesion aimed at strengthening its structures and safeguarding our dear legacy. "

At the end, a documentary film on the theme of the symposium was screened, followed by lectures by university professors who led conferences and testimonies of the mujahideen who lived the Glorious Liberation Revolution. The meeting was marked by "a rich debate that has strengthened the pride of the participants in the history of our glorious Revolution," notes the statement.

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