The brother of Laroussi Khalifa reacts to the controversial article of El Watan

In an interview with the daily El Watan, Khaoula Taleb Ibrahimi cited, among others, Laroussi Khalifa, the father of the famous businessman whose case hit the headlines a few years ago, as an example of officials who poured into the predation at the time of President Boumediene.

Reacting to these accusations, Laroussi Khalifa's brother gave an answer in the columns of the daily El Watan. "One wonders when Laroussi Khelifa could have participated in the predation of the country, a theme developed in the case of El Watan (…) For the guidance of Ms. T. El Brahimi, Laroussi did not have the penny to feed his family out of the jails of the regime of Boumediene in 1969 … ", so wrote Kamel Khalifa.

Khaoula Taleb Ibrahimi, moreover, wanted to clarify his remarks. "In the heat of the very long interview, I was able, always disgusted and revolted by the behavior of" certain sons of … ", to name names that could be related to cases that have made headlines for years. I apologize to the relatives of the late L. Khelifa, "he wrote in his reply.

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