The Consumer Protection, Consumer Guidance Association (APOCE) has given some explanations on the rise in chicken prices that have come close to 500 DA per kilogram in recent years to the dismay of households.

Algeria – The Association for Protection, Consumer Guidance and the Environment (APOCE) gave ALG24 some explanations about the rise in chicken prices that have come close to 500 DA per kilogram at the moment. household dam.

Its president, Mustapha Zebdi indicates that the APOCE launched a boycott campaign on August 6 which aims to lower poultry prices. But the opposite occurred as prices rose from 380 / kg to 500 DA per kilogram in the retail market, while it did not exceed 280 DA / kg on the wholesale market.

The APOCE also pointed out that the high temperatures cause a high mortality rate of chicks.However, according to him, prices have flamed, even 120 DA against 50 DA chick there a few days. As a result, small poultry farmers have reduced poultry production during this summer season, says the president of APOCE.

M.Zebdi attributes the soaring price of chicken to the high demand recorded on the chicken during the summer season, but also to the intervention of the "intermediaries" who accentuate the "speculation" at the origin of this surge of price of poultry.

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