The disturbing death sentence of Ould Abbes

Algeria – The revolutionary past of Djamel Ould-Abbes, General Secretary of the FLN party, has often been mocked on social networks.

Last Monday, in a speech delivered at the University of Tlemcen, Djamel Ould Abbes evoked an attack against the colonial army in which he participated. Social networks got excited, turning it into ridicule.

Faced with this reaction of Internet users, a document dated 19 December 1959 and which reads: "OULDABBAS Djamel / Boumediene: death sentence", was published on the Facebook page of the FLN.

In this document revealed by the FLN, should we understand that Ould Abbes bore the nickname "Boumediène" during the Revolution? Disturbingly, the FLN's Facebook page removed this publication a few hours after it was published.

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