the El Bina movement announces its participation

Algeria_ President of the El Bina movement, Abdelkader Bengrina announced Wednesday in Algiers that his party will participate in the next presidential election "with his own candidate or by supporting the consensus candidate".

In a statement to the press after his meeting with the secretary general of the party of the National Republican Alliance (ANR), Belkacem Sahli, to present to him the initiative of his political party entitled "Algeria for all, "Mr. Bengrina said that his movement" will not boycott the next presidential and will be present either with his own candidate or through an alliance with another candidate, according to the conditions defined by the Advisory Council which will hold its ordinary session next autumn, to definitively settle this question. "

Referring to the initiative of his party, the leader said that among its main objectives include "the preservation of the internal front, the consolidation of national unity, the consolidation of the democratic acquis, the organization of the partisan life, the deepening of the dialogue and the search for the political mechanisms necessary for its success ", underlining" a great convergence "of views between his party and the ANR, particularly with regard to the social aspect and the economic difficulties marking our country ".

Source: APS

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