The fatal weapon against Cholera costs 80 dinars everywhere in Algeria …

Algeria – Hysteria takes hold of part of the population in the face of the announcement of a cholera epidemic. Advice fuse on the different ways to guard against it.

Between advice on the consumption of mineral water or those recommending to flush the fruits and vegetables with water, it is nevertheless a product available in all large and small areas of the country which is recommended by all health organizations around the world, including WHO. And it does not cost anything: Bleach.

This liquid solution costs 80 dinars. According to specialists, it is the first weapon on which good protection can rest.

Thus, according to the latter, two drops in one liter of water are enough to purify and kill the germs. No need to ruin yourself in mineral water. The same experts also recommend washing your hands with bleach.

Why is bleach useful?

Bleach can disinfect, which means it can kill most bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Why Should One Be Careful When Using Bleach?

Bleach is corrosive. It can irritate or burn skin or eyes. Mixed with other chemicals or cleaners, it can produce toxic gases that can damage the lungs or be fatal. Always use caution when using this product.

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